Bryan Eckermann (Melodic Black/Death Metal) Releases “Morbid Beauty” Lyric Video

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Melodic blackened death metal solo artist, Bryan Eckermann (Scars of the Flesh, Winters Plague, ex-Wings of Abaddon, ex-Blessed Agony) has released a lyric video for “Morbid Beauty.”

Recorded at Bonespill Studios, the brutal track is the fifth single out of six to be released from his forthcoming, self-released full-length album. Album title and release are to be announced. 

Watch the video HERE

Eckermann is a true D.I.Y. artist. The San Antonio-based musician produced the song, created the artwork, played all instruments and shot the video. The song was written after he designed the art, so he had a vision to build the music.

The single features guest vocals from Kobey Lange (Cerebral Desecration, Scars of the Flesh) and a guest solo from Jon Santiago (The Jon Santiago Project). Lange wrote all lyrics and trades off vocals with Eckermann. Lange wrote the lyrics to Eckermann’s last full-length, Zychodia.
Lange’s lyrics are a commentary on the false beauty people try to attain by constantly wanting surgery, more makeup, etc. to mask the way they truly are. It’s done to the extent of becoming morbid. Their perception, however, is one of beauty. This is an issue of self-esteem—the world has instilled into their brain the idea that they aren’t good enough.

“Morbid Beauty” is the 5th track out of six to be released from the soon-to-be-titled album. He previously released three covers of Mercyful Fate, Illnath, and Judas Priest songs. Each original track comes with unique artwork. Fans will vote for the best artwork, which will grace the album cover. Release date and album title will follow afterwards.

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Eckermann comments on making “Morbid Beauty”:

“I had a lot of anger about a recent theft, getting fucked by insurance, debts eating me alive, etc. Life has been handing me shit so I put the aggression into the tune. I say musically I caught some inspiration from that new Black Dahlia I heard right around then. I don’t think the song sounds like them, but I did get pretty inspired hearing their new one… It’s perhaps the first time I have ever had an artwork to make a song off of before music, that was a first. Title and everything before any music.”

Download the track for free at Bryan Eckermann’s Bandcamp Page

Watch videos for the other singles released from his upcoming album.

Pain or Death

Tales of the Past

Flesh and Steel

Graveyard Hymn

Bryan Eckerman Links

Bryan Eckermann YouTube

Bryan Eckermann Facebook

Bob Dee With Petro Release “Stun Gun”

New York-based hard-driven pop rock act, Bob Dee With Petro present their highly anticipated EP Stun Gun via AMG and Sony Records on January 14, 2020. The follow up to their breakthrough Killstar album is a collection of the band’s work, from heavy guitar riffs to dark piano ballads with a few pop rock, Bob Dee-distinct chorus parts. Cheap Trick fans take notice.

The six-song EP, featuring the singles “Down” and “Monkey On My Back,” was mixed by Lou Giordano (Goo Goo Dolls, Taking Back Sunday).   Giordano brought the sound of Dee’s guitars and voice to a new level, resulting in his best sounding effort yet. Alex Saltz mastered the EP at APS Mastering. Saltz has worked with Dee since his first album, so he knew his songs and voice. Saltz has worked with such bands as Vampire Weekend and Stryper.  The EPwas recorded at Free Lunch Studios in Bob Dee’s hometown during the summer of 2019. Kelly Yacco played drums and Scott Henderson played bass.

Bob Dee With Petro started working on Stun Gun after concluding their West Coast tour with Enuff Z’Nuff where they played such lauded venues as Whiskey A Go Go. The tour was a massive, 24-hour, non-stop party. It was the stimulus to turn Dee’s gears. When he was on the airplane flying back home to New York City, where he wrote the single “Down.”

Dee’s song writing is efficacious in its simplicity. His use of heavy guitars paired with unforgettable chorus lines create a mighty dynamic. Stun Gun is a highly accessible album. Dee feels this is his best guitar work. He took a lot of time recording with his 1976 Gibson Les Paul. His guitars range from the dark, grungy groove of “Down” to the sexy swagger of “Midnight Dancer.” On “Gasoline” he combines heavy tones, electric tones with light melodies of acoustic guitar and piano. “We All Come Down” sounds a Native American-type rhythm.

Watch “Down” Video:

Watch “Midnight Dancer” Lyric Video

Dee’s distinct chorus lines and verses relate unforgettable stories and ideas. “Monkey on My Back” is an anthem for the working man. This song is about having no fun, and drinking alcohol to get through the work week. “Midnight Dancer” is an erotic tale about an encounter Dee had with a girl on a rooftop one raining night. She took her clothes off and danced in the moonlight. The rooftop scenario conjures images of the breath taking New York City skyline and night life. “Switchblade” and “Gasoline To The Fire” are power ballad odes to the mysterious nature of love. “Switchblade” expresses how feelings of love can be so overwhelming they hurt. “Gasoline To The Fire” is about doomed relationships that just don’t work no matter how hard we try.

Stun Gun Track List

1. Monkey On My Back

2. Midnight Dancer

3. Switchblade

4. Down

5. Gasoline To The Fire

6. We All Come Down

Bob Dee comments on Stun Gun:

I am totally excited to release this EP…I wanted to capture my guitar playing this time around. I worked real hard and took a lot of time recording my guitars. I used my Gibson Les Paul 1976 and I have an endorsement with Voodoo amps plus a Line 6. I feel its my best guitar sound yet.

Grey Skies Fallen Comment on Dan Swanö Mix and Master

Grey Skies Fallen are set to release their 5th LP, Cold Dead Lands on January 24, 2020. The band turned to legendary producer/musician, Dan Swanö to mix and master the album in his Unisound Recordings studio in Germany.

Swanö has worked with recordings since his early teens and mixed and mastered hundreds of bands. Unlike some studios that specialize in a certain sound, Swanö understands how to attain sounds from bands from all over the spectrum. He impeccably finds exactly what each band envisions.

Aeon, Incantation, Evergrey, and November’s Doom are just a small sample of the bands he’s worked with.

Swanö is a multi-instrumentalist who has played in numerous bands including Bloodbath, Nightingale, Katatonia and masterminded the progressive death metal group, Edge of Sanity. More recently he played keyboards, drums and sang in Witherscape.

Dan proved the perfect fit for the melodic death/doom style created by Grey Skies Fallen on Cold Dead Lands.

Grey Skies Fallen guitarist/vocalist, Rick Habeeb comments on working with Swanö:

Swanö and I had been in touch via email since around 1998 or so. I remember writing to him before the release of our first album, talking about the possibility of working with him in some capacity, but it didn’t happen at the time. Here we are about 20 years later, and we finally are able to work with him.

Working with Dan was great, and virtually effortless. I sent him the files and said “here are the files,” with zero instructions for him. I knew this would come back sounding amazing, and of course, mere days later, here it was with nary a revision to be made.

I’d been listening to the rough mixes for a few months, so when we received the finished masters from Swanö, I was taken aback. The fine-tuning and polish he gave the record make it sound just as I had envisioned.

Dan is a legend, and also a great guy. It’s amazing when you can work with one of your heroes and they turn out to be a great dude.

Watch the lyric video for “Procession to the Tombs,” the first single from Cold Dead Lands.

Read more about Dan Swanö and Unisound:

Grey Skies Fallen Announce New England Stoner & Doom Fest 3 Appearance, Swallow The Sun Opening Slot

Melodic death/doom veterans, Grey Skies Fallen will be taking part in this year’s New England Stoner and Doom Festival. The 3rd installation of the annual festival takes place in Jeweet City, Connecticut at Altone’s Music Hall on May 15-17, 2020. A prefest party will take place on May 14 at 33 Golden in New London, Connecticut.

The festival includes 40+ bands on two stages. Grey Skies Fallen will join such stoned and doomed luminaries as OrodruinWorshipper, Barishi, Shadow Witch, High Reeper, Heavy Temple, Red Stone Chapel, Wolftooth, and many more. The festival will announce more additions in the coming weeks.

Visit the official Website of New England Stoner & Doom Fest.

Additionally, Grey Skies Fallen are set to open for Swallow The Sun on April 27, 2020 at The Kingsland in Brooklyn, New York. Grey Skies Fallen will play the first day of the two-day show featuring a touring ensemble of Swallow the Sun, Infected Rain and Wheel. Visit the event page on Facebook for more details and to purchase tickets.

Grey Skies Fallen will be playing both concerts in support of their fifth studio album Cold Dead Lands available January 24, 2020.

Cold Dead Lands was recorded by Keith Moore at Audio Playground and produced by Grey Skies Fallen. Dan Swanö (Nightingale, ex-Edge of Sanity, ex-Bloodbath) mixed and mastered the album at his Unisound Studio. Travis Smith (Opeth, Nevermore, Katatonia) created the artwork. Dan Gargiulo (Revocation, Artificial Brain) and Will Smith (Buckshot Facelift, Artificial Brain, Afterbirth) appear as guests.

Listen to a preview of Cold Dead Lands and watch a lyric video for the first single from the album “Procession to the Tombs” in the embedded videos below.

Preorder the digipack CD or digital download and receive a free instant download (MP3, FLAC) of the new track “Procession to the Tombs” on Grey Skies Fallen’s Bandcamp page:

Doomed & Stoned Premiere Grey Skies Fallen “Procession to the Tombs” Lyric Video

“Procession to the Tombs” is the first single from Grey Skies Fallen’s forthcoming album Cold Dead Lands, available January 24, 2020

Doomed & presents the new lyric video “Procession to the Tombs” by melodic death/doom metal veterans Grey Skies Fallen. The song is the first single taken from the group’s forthcoming album “Cold Dead Lands.” The New York-based band will release the album independently on their own label, Xanthros Music on January 24th, 2020. It is the fifth album in the band’s 23-year career.

“Procession to the Tombs” is a telling title. It forecasts society’s immanent doom. YOD Multimedia-Metal Video Maker visualized humanity’s downfall in a post-apocalyptic setting of  cities in ruin where humans lives under the guise of gas masks and crows flock to the stench of blood. 

Click HERE to visit Doomed & to watch the video.

Grey Skies Fallen are currently a three-piece. “Procession to the Tombs” was written when the band consisted of five members in 2015. It is the sole holdover from that period. The ending was lengthened for a grander, doomier unfurling. As a three-piece, Grey Skies Fallen no longer use keyboards, which resulted in less atmosphere, but heavier, more aggressive compositions, while still presenting lush guitar melodies and morose moods.

Tom Anderer’s bass and Rick Habeeb’s guitars form an immense wall of sound. With a running time over seven-plus minutes, “Procession to the Tombs” is quite progressive. Medium paced trudges and downtempo dirges outline forlorn, ringing guitar harmonies accentuated by soulful solos. Although Rick Habeeb presents haunting clean vocals, the band maintains an aggressive stance through agonized harsh vocals through the majority of the song.

Cold Dead Lands was recorded by Keith Moore and produced by Grey Skies Fallen. Dan Swanö (Nightingale, ex-Edge of Sanity,  ex-Bloodbath) mixed and mastered the album at his Unisound Studio. Travis Smith (Opeth, Nevermore, Katatonia) created the artwork. Dan Gargiulo (Revocation, Artificial Brain) and Will Smith (Buckshot Facelift, Artificial Brain, Afterbirth) appear as guests.

Preorder the digipack CD or digital download and receive a free instant download (MP3, FLAC) of the new track “Procession to the Tombs” on Grey Skies Fallen’s Bandcamp page:

Grey Skies Fallen to Release “Cold Dead Lands” Album

Album to be released January 24, 2020

Preorder the digipack CD or digital download and receive a free instant download (MP3, FLAC) of the new track “Procession to the Tombs” on Grey Skies Fallen’s Bandcamp page:

Watch an album teaser:

Grey Skies Fallen will self-release Cold Dead Lands on January 24, 2020. Cold Dead Lands is the 5th studio album from the New York-based doom/death metal band in a 23-year career.

Cold Dead Lands was recorded by Keith Moore and produced by Grey Skies Fallen. Dan Swanö (Nightingale, ex-Edge of Sanity,  ex-Bloodbath) mixed and mastered the album at his Unisound Studio. Travis Smith (Opeth, Nevermore, Katatonia) created the artwork. Dan Gargiulo (Revocation, Artificial Brain) and Will Smith (Buckshot Facelift, Artificial Brain, Afterbirth) appear as guests.

Cold Dead Lands’ lineup consists of a three-piece with Rick Habeeb (guitar, vocals), Tom Anderer (bass), and Sal Gregory (drums). It is their first release without keyboards. The exclusion of keys results in a greater reliance on guitars. “Visions From the Last Sunset” launches the album with a colossal blending of strings and skins, which provides a flowing impetus heard throughout the album. The group seamlessly introduce chord ringing with the granite textures.

The album contains only six songs but has a total playtime over 53 minutes. “Visions From the Last Sunset” and “Picking Up the Pieces,” weigh in at over 11 minutes, while “After The Summer Comes the Fall” is over ten-minutes long. Cold Dead Lands is not a doom album that languishes in slow tempos. Each track features a number of changes, which instills an engaging flow while maintaining down-tempo and medium paces characterized by the genre.

Lyrically, the album is inspired by day to day life and looking at the reality of the matter that most of us are insignificant in the grand scheme. Unless you’re at the top, life will be hard. Habeeb’s dualistic voice reflects darkness and life’s moribund nature through harsh growls and soaring clean tones. Whether the band pursues diabolism or takes a grander, monumental approach, Habeeb harmonizes his voice to capture the essence of the moment.   

Cold Dead Lands Tracklisting

1. Visions from the Last Sunset

2. Cold Dead Lands

3. Procession to the Tombs

4. Picking Up the Pieces

5. Ways of the World

6. After the Summer Comes the Fall

For Fans of Opeth, My Dying Bride, Anathema

About the band:

Grey Skies Fallen formed in 1996 under the name Eve of Mourning. A demo under that name was released that year. Upon discovering a band of the same name based out of Chicago, the band changed the name to Grey Skies Fallen in February 1997. A demo was recorded that year with the aid of a drum machine. Rick Habeeb, (guitars/vocals) Joe D’Angelo, (guitars) and Chris Montalbano (bass). With Craig Rossi on keyboards and Aaron Williams playing drums, the debut album The Fate of Angels was recorded and released in March 1999.

After this album, Chris and Aaron departed. Sal Gregory stepped in on drums and remains in the band to this day. Full-length albums Tomorrow’s in Doubt (2002) and Two Way Mirror (2006) followed. The latter saw a drastic departure in sound from the first two albums. For the next 7 years, there were various lineup changes.

An EP called Along Came Life was released in 2010. This would be the last album featuring founding member Joe D’Angelo. Another EP, Introspective, followed in 2012 and showcased a 21-minute long title track.

Tom Anderer (bass) and Joe Sanci (guitars) joined in 2013 and the band quickly recorded The Many Sides of Truth full-length, (2014) and Earthwalker 7 (2015). Sanci departed around this time and D’Angelo came back to record a cover of My Dying Bride’s “From Darkest Skies” for an MDB tribute album. This would be the last recording for Rossi, who soon departed after an 18-year tenure.

Left as a three-piece, and without replacing the keyboards, the remaining members recorded Cold Dead Lands, a brooding slab of doom metal, with plans to unleash it upon the world on January 24th, 2020. The album was recorded by the band’s usual engineer, Keith Moore, and was mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound. There had been talks for the band to work with Swanö in this capacity since 1999, and the plans finally came to fruition. Live shows are being planned in support of the new album.

Heathen Tribes Records

Heathen Tribes are an underground music label offering mailorder services and distribution out of Berlin, Germany. Cassettes, CDs, vinyl and digital downloads are all formats available to purchase. Heathen Tribes have a large array of artists from various styles including black metal: Bathyum, Kaeck, traditional/80s metal: Coronary, thrash: Powered By Death, death metal: Deathfare, epic/symphonic power metal: Braveride and many more.

Check out more of their artists on their Bandcamp and Youtube pages: